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Q:  Does it work with Windows 7?

A:  Taskbar Shuffle is not Windows 7 compatible at this time, unfortunately, so I would advise against using it.  I've received mixed reports over how well it works on Win7 (if at all), so I would simply avoid it.

Q:  When will a 64-bit version be available?

A:  There's no release date for a 64-bit version yet, even though it's still high on my prioirity list.  The challenge is that there's no 64-bit version of the programming language I used (Delphi 6), so I need to figure out a workaround.  Now available!

  How much memory does it use?

A:  Windows Task Manager will tell you about 4mb, but when I have Taskbar Shuffle running for a several days and I randomly check, its memory usage is usually under 1mb (which is VERY low).  I really don't know why/how/when this drop happens, but it makes me think the initial 4mb reading may be misleading.  Either way, the number will go up if you click on any of the Taskbar Shuffle menu options (not sure why, I've looked into it extensively), so if you ever see it using much more than 4mb and that bothers you, simply exit and restart the program.  The moral of the story: if you just have Taskbar Shuffle running in the background and "forget about it" while you use it to do its thing, as most users do, its memory usage shouldn't exceed 4mb and even settles at under 1mb if you've had it running for a while (at least for me).  Whew, hope that explains it.


Q:  It's trying to connect to the internet, are you hax0ring me?!

A:  In versions before 2.5, Taskbar Shuffle would auto-check for updates on startup if you chose to hide its tray icon.  As of version 2.5, it will not auto-check for updates anymore and there's an option in settings that allows you to turn this on/off.


Q:  Can it save the order/arrangement of buttons?  Or can I specify the order I want buttons to be in?

A:  Not yet, but this is high on my wish-list.


Q:  Why don't you release updates more frequently, I hate you!

A:  I'm a web developer these days, not a Windows programmer anymore.  Taskbar Shuffle is my only Windows project I even still work on at all, and unfortunately, I just don't have gobs of free time to dedicate to something I don't make any money from (aside from the generous people who have donated).  It also works pretty well and doesn't require frequent updates.  If you hate me for that, mmm, sorry I guess.


Q:  How do you decide on what to put in future versions?

A:  There are a few factors:  1) how many people ask for a something, and 2) level on the "pain in the ass to implement" meter.  The exact formula is:  request_count - (pain_level)^2.  Kidding.  Well, kind of.  Basically, if the difficulty of implementing a feature completely overshadows how many people ask for it, not as likely that I'll implement it over an easier feature that fewer people ask for.


Q:  Can you please make Taskbar Shuffle do [insert something not related to the taskbar here]??

A:  Sorry, but unlikely.  This program was made to be simple and I don't have the time or interest to implement features that aren't related to the taskbar.  We all know what happens to software when it goes down that path...


Q:  Does Taskbar Shuffle have any spyware / My virus scanner is warning me!

A:  No spyware, adware, or malware of any kind.  As for virus scanners, I'd recommend removing whatever virus scanner you have off your computer since they all just suck pretty hard (you might need the jaws of life to help you out though).  If Taskbar Shuffle ever gets flagged as dangerous, that's what's known as a "false positive," which is a virus scanner's excuse for sucking.  Kind of like a singer who hits the wrong note and says they just changed keys.

(more to be added)